James Lick

and the Pioneer Monument. Dedicated to the City of San Francisco by James Lick.

The names of the following pioneers are written in its base.

James Lick, Fremont, Marshall, Larkin, Gabrillo, Portola, Stockton, Castro, Sutter, Vallejo,

James Lick

and the Observatory on Mount Hamilton

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Pioneers Who Made a Difference

Altman, Frederick, Owner of Foundry

Balbach, John - Manufactured first steel plow on the west coast.1852

Bohlmann, Frank - Teamster for Almaden Quicksilver Mines

Breitwieser, John,J. Bakery

Clifford McCrackin, Josephine, Writer, helped save Redwoods

Doerr, Charles, Founder of Turn Verein in 1868

Dreischmeyer, Fred   Brick Manufactuer

Eberhard, Jacob, Oldest Tanery on the West Coast

Einfalt, R.G.publisher,

Flickinger, Joseph - Owner of fruit processing plant in San Jose

Franck, Frederick Christian, Hon. Member of the State Senate

Goldman, Edmund, Med. Dr. Resort Bergsteadt,

Greeninger, Adolph, Carriage maker, President of Turnverein,   Politician,

Gussefeld, William - Tailor

Haentze, Albert, wine grower, check also Wehner William          

Hart, Leopold, Merchant

Hart, Alexander, Son of Leopold, Merchant

Hatman and Normandine, Cardealership for more than 100 years

Hauk, John, Lodge at Alum Rock

Hecker, Henry Politicion in Gilroy

Heinlen, John, Influencial in building Chinatown

Heinlen John, German Pioneer being honored by Chinese


Hermann, Charles, Brothers, Surveyors

Hermann, Adolph, T. Surveyors

Krumb, Louis, Brewery, Home of the Mercury News above Brewery, first President of the Germania Verein

Krumb,Louis, # 2

Knoche, Family, Dairy

Koch, Valentine, Mayor of San Jose, 1896-97

Kocher, Rudolph, Sunday School Teacher at the German Methodist Episcopal Church

Kuchenbeiser & Fruehling, Iron Works

Langensee, Philip John, Wood Carver

Laumeister, Gustave - Builder - Contractor in Palo Alto

The Lenzens and what others said about them

Lenzen Brothers - Architects and Builders

Lenzen, Jacob - Architect & Builder, Hotel Vendome

Lenzen, Victor, Fritz, Grandson of Jacob, Professor of Physics

Lenzen, Michael, Painting contractor

Lenzen, Theodore - Architect & Builder, The Old City Hall

Lick, James, (formerly Lueck) Benefactor

Lick James, shorter version

Lightstone Franz, was one of 19 people who financed the first State House, Lightstone Alley is named for him.

Lion, Gustave, Merchant and Land Owner

Lion, Lazard, Merchant and Land Owner, Hand-written Letters

Messing, Jacob H. and wife Mary, Oldest Tannery

Miller, Henry - Cattle King

Otter, Charles - Miner

Pieper, John,Civil Engineer, Electric Tower, Sewer System

Pfister, Adolph - Mayor of San Jose, established first, free public library, Alum Rock Park, and was founder of the Germania Verein in 1856

Pfister, Adolph, plaque, long story

Prusch, Emma, Gave Land for a City Park, to be kept as a Working Farm

Rengstorff, Herny, Founder of Mountain View

Renzel, Conrad, Grandson was Mayor of San Jose, and promoter of Airport

Riel, Adam, Hon. member of the State Assembly1882

Riel, Adam, Hon. # 2

Rich, Jacob, Taylor

Rock,John - Specialist in nursery products

Saxe, Arthur Wellsley A, MD.- Research in Leprosy

Schallenberger, Moses - first wagon train to cross the Sierra,1844

Scheller, Loui - Tannery, Rancher, Investor

Scheller, Jacob-Rancher

Scheller, Victor - District Attorney

Schemmel, Henry, Louis, conductor

Scherrer, George, Owner of Eagles' Brewery,first brewery in San Jose

Schiele, Charles, Proprietor of the Pacific Hotel, now Head Quarters for the San Jose Museum

Schnabel Kraehenberg, Owners of the Fredericksburg Brewery

Schoenheit, August, Drugstore

Schoof, Gerhard - Professor, industrial drawing

Seubert, Alphonse, 20th century pioneer

Steiger, Andrew - Pottery

Stern, Marcus - Leather Retail

Stolte,Ferdinand, Captain, Interesting Story

Stock, Frank - Hardware store

Theuerkauf, Miss, M. Seamstress

Tischer, Carl, - Soap manufacturer

Wardell BA. Newspaper man, wife Austrian

Weber, Charles, Important Pioneer,

Weber,Charles M.Jr. son of the aboveState legislature, Rancher

Wehner, Charles - Built San Jose Sewer

Wehner, Ernst - Wine and Fruit Grower

Wehner, Fred - Road builder

Wehner,William - Wine grower, proprietor of the Milwaukee Painting Studio, Battle of Atlanta and many others

Wendt, Gottlieb, Butcher, first mechanical refrigerator

Wendt,Stubbe, Nadine, Descendent from Gottlieb

Wentz, Chritian - Miner, farmer, politician


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