Girard College

Garid College, Philadelphia

City Hall, Philadelphia

German Society of Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania German Broadside cover

Pastel Baskets of Blooms Applique Amish Quilt 102x113

Amish Quilt

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Pennsylvania Dutch, are not Dutsch, why the name?

The Pennsylvania German, short

William Penn, after whom the state was named


 Germantown, Pennsylvania



The German Society of Pennsylvanisa


Gemantown Historical Society

The Continental Congress meets a German Town

The Amish


The Schwenkfelders, a sect


Mennonite Heritage Center

 Declaration of Independence, first printed in German


Germans protested Slavery as early as 1688

one opened, scroll down the page


The Sauer Bible first printed book in a European Language


Lutheran Chruches in Philadelphia


Hessian Soldiers during the Revolutionary War

The Hessians from Hanau


Friedrich von Steuben, General for Washington

Steuben wrote the Drill Manuel

Washington’s Body guards were German


Christopher Ludwig, Baker during the Revolutionary War


Molly Pitcher,


Colonial Architecture


Covered Wagen


Ground Hog Day


Ephrata Cloister,


Boehler, Peter, Moravian Bishop


Melchior Muehlenberg, father of American Lutheranism


Thomas U.Walters, Architect of the Capitol Dome

and chief assistant at the Philadelphia City Hall


Heinz Catsup

Frances Daniel Postorius, Leader of first settlers

Adam Kuhn, Member of Penn's first Medical Faculty

William Rittenhaus, started first Papermill in America

Sowr, Christopher, Printed first Book in Europian Language

The Upper German Town, Philadelphia

The Lower German Town, Philadelphia

The Pacific Saengerbund visits Philadelphia