Gruesome Harvest




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Thoughts on being

German in America

Lisa Kalvelage, 85, Peace Activist

Memories of German Immigrants

What kind of Welcome in America, Dr. Reichmann

A Grim Encounter with the Huns,(Germans)

A Tribute to the German Mothers, May 2005

Six Decades after World War II, Newsletter 

150,000 Jewish men in Hitler's Army

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers, Kansas University

Canceled Speech regarding pro Israel lobby,

August 2007

Holocaust Trial, Mannheim, Nov. 26,2007

Zionist and their Super race, 1890s

Gruesome Harvest,Ralph Franklin Keeling,194, must read

Thoughts on being German, Eric Braeden

Wollt Ihr wissen wer ich bin, Maria Brand

Die Gedanken sind frei, neue Version, MB.

What is a War Crime? Mercury News, San Jose, Cal.

Tired of Holocaust stories? Cancel Membership, I did

Auschwitz, the final count. Why can we not questiion it?

How World War II Came about, who is telling the truth?

The Secrets of the Space Age, W. E. Winterstein

Das Ende der Luegen, Sonja Margolina, Juedin, 1992.

Nemesis at Potsdam, Alfred M. de Zayas,ot being taught in School

Reviews of Nemesis at Potsday,

Pitty the poor immigrant, Mercury News, interesting

Die Deutschen in Amerika, after the Civil War, 1868

Excerpts from "Der Spiegel"Germany bef. World War I

Staatszeitung, my letter in regard to Zuendel

Statement by Cannadian commentator, 1986

Leitkultur, German, Translate

A human interest story by a German Veteran

From Bessarabian to Lodi, California

Brothers in the Storm, the story of the

Sudetenland Germans,Who are they?

Sachsenhausen, New Year's Eve Party,1943

 Lantos, a Champion of Human Rights?

German Provinces East of Oder- Neisse Line

Speech of Hon, B. Carroll Reece of Tennessee

In the House of Representatives, May,16, 1957

Wehe den Besiegten!

I am Israel

The war of "extermination" against the German people

Thousands of Germans dragged out of bed....

Peace Treaty between World War II allies and Germany

Oder Neisse Border

Hatred toward Germans, Newspaper, World War I.

Weeds Like Us, Excellent Book

Books of Interest to German Americans

Letter regarding Immigration and my reply, March 2008

My reply to "Letter to the Editor" Immigration USA,2008

German American Internee Coalition

Internment of German Americans, World War II

Internment, Mercury News, June 10, 06

Internment, German Americans, SGAS.

Karen Ebel writes for the Concord Monitor,

Hatred toward Germans, World War I

Purpose of Exhibit, for all Immigrants

Appeal for donations toward the Museum, K.Leinberger

You carry the cure within your heart,

Germans are viewed as Traders, 1855

Visit to Philadelphia, 2000, What happened?

Intense Hatred toward the Germans,