The Pacific Saengerbund was founded in San Francisco in 1905. This society experienced many ups and downs but survived all these years and gave joy to thousands of singers and listeners alike. We hope this noble organization will prosper for many more years to come. Singing nurtures the soul and softens the heart. 



& ein grosses


to the president Inge Junginger and her helpers for a job well done. Last Saturday, May 21  we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Pacific Singing Society at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. It was an exceptional memorable event and all the expenses were well worth it.

Thank you very much from all the attendies especially W. and M. B.

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Musical Organizations

San Jose Symphony started as the Germania Verein Amateur Orchestra.
Choirs and Plays


American Press writing about German Music, 1883

Hundred Anniversary of the Pacific Saengerbund

San Francisco, Saturday, May 21,2005

History of the Pacific Singing Society,

by Dieter Kircher, 2005

Pacific Singing Soceiety visits Philadelphia 2005

Das Deutsche Lied am Goldenen Tor

Pacific Saengerbund,

Practice for Berlin, 1976

  Pacific Singing Society,Concert and Festival

San Francisco,1961

Prize Singing Event of 1000 Voices with 100 Piece Orchestra

Pacific Saengerbund 1910

History of Music, Bay Area 1860s+

Music in San Jose, California

The Mercury at its 100 year anniversary,1951

  Germania Verein Orchestra, First Home, 1856
Home of the Germania, Ochestra,1882
Arbuckle Orchestral Pictures 1892
Stage Play by the Germania members,Jan.4.1882
Henry L.Schemmel, Orchestra's first Conductor
San Jose as a Musical Center
Germania 1892, Mercury News
Loui King and his Conservatory
The Original 3 houses
Inside the Conservatory
First Concert at the Conservatory, Dec.13 1894
Picture of Students and their names, 1890s
Letter to Loui King from Berlin
Restored Picture of Musicians, Names, 1992
The Tux that made the Symphony
Mercury,Feb. 28, 1987
The German Concert, The Patriot, 1868
Founding of German Men's Choir 1889
Recitel at the Conservatory, 1900
Haendel and Hydn Musical Society, founded 1875
Der Blumenbaum, Passports for Musicians
  Letter from the Redevelopment Agency,
Conservatory sold in 1923
Conservatory becomes the Germania Hall, 1923
Saegerfest, San Jose 1916, first day
Saengerfest, second day,
Singing Fest, June 2, 1961
Tillie Brohaska,Daughter of German Musician
Program, Spring 1940
    Singing Lesson upstairs in the Germania Hall
Arbor Day Singing
Spring Concert, 2004, Our Volk songs, our Treasure
Museum Newsletter, Jan.2000
Mentions Germania,
End of Symphony,
Mercury News, Dec. 17,02
History of Music, Santa Clara County & Bay Area
             1756 Mozart was born, 250th anniversary


             Germans brought Music to the New World