OldHoly  Trinity    Church

   1844  -  1877

Holy Trinity Church, 1877 Inset: Rev. James Simeon, S.J.,
pastor 1870-1877

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Holy Trinity, ca. 1935 (The steeple was later destroyed by the Hurricane of '38)
rotating images from The First Lutheran Church of Boston
The German Lutheran Parish is the oldest in New England, 1839

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Karl Follen, Educator and Reformer
Frances Lieber, Educator and Writer









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Not to many Germans immigrated to Massachusetts or so it seems.I have searched for their contributions, and this is what I found. MB.

German Clubs in Massachusetts

Harvard Busch Reisinger Museum     


Karl Follen, Educator, Reformer


Francis Lieber, Educator and Writer


Two Centuries of Germans in Lowell


German Shepherd breaders


The Associated German Societies of New England


German Association News


German American Club of Cape Cod


German American Ladies Society


German International School, Boston

German Saturday School of Boston


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Holy Trinity German Catholic Church


The First Lutheran Parish in Boston,1839


 Germantown, (Quincy)


The Continental Congress meets a German Town









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