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Unesco's World Heritage sites in Germany

Germany, the tiny Nation with bold Cultual Roots

A Garden plot, known as Schrebergarten in Germany

Islam: Its Origin, Philosophy and Traditions
Nobel Prize Winners from German
speaking Countries

Dresden Bombardment, Febr. 14, 1945

Written Order to bomb my hometown  

California Poppy, German Name
Da Waren Deutsche Auch Dabei, German and English

Mark Twain, The awful German Language

Mark Twain and the German Language

Der Wandergeselle - Journeyman

Wandergeselle Buechlein,Journeyman Booklet

Rudolph Diesel, Inventor

Made in Germany, When and why did this phrase originate?

America's Debt to German Education, by Benj. Wheeler,
President of the University of California, 1916
The German National Anthem, and the story behind it

The Teddy Bear Story and its German American Connection

Lilli became Barbie after immigrating to America

Germany in the 19th Century, Why did so many leave?

German City emerges after 100year in Venezuela, 1848-1950

Bettina von Arnim, and the American Connection

Bettina von Arnim, English

Youthhostel, Jugendherberge, founded by Richard Schirrmann

in 1912, now world-wide

Das Lob der Sparsamkeit

The German Flag, its History

Short story about the German Flag

Katzenjammer Kids, America's oldest Cartoon

 The sinking of the Gustloff with 10,582 refugees and crew on board

 Berlitz, Language School,  

Das andere Deutschland, Bertold Brecht

Oder Neisse Border

Remarque, Erich Maria, Writer

Adolph Kolping, Saint

Dr. Oetker Baking Book

German Chocolate Cake, not German

Koelniisch Wasser, 4711 Eau De Cologne,

What did it cost to cross the ocean in the 1900s

History of an Apron, very cute

Ludwig Erhard, Wirtschatswunder in Germany
A Doctor's Diary, 1945
Dr. Wunderlich and Human Temperature
What did it cost to cross the Atlantic in the 19th century
Prosit! Why do we clink our glasses?
Dresden, bombed Febr. 14, 1945
Der Totentanz, Dance of the death,
The Immigrants of 1848 and their legacy
Ethel and the Lusitania, World War i Story

Midieval Culinary Kitchen,

Germany most liked Country

Wandermusikanten, 21Century
The Prussian Virtues,

Free Speach, Hermann Goering

Cowboy Boots, Hyer Boot Co. Kansas

German Dialects, who speaks what where?