Germania Building and publishing house. Here were produced books, magazines and newspapers in the German
Turnverein Buildings, The building on the right was used from 1864-1883. The large structure on the left is still in use.

The German English Academy.

On the left is the Turn-Lehrer Seminar

Germans in Wisconsin (Ethnic Series)
German Dairy Farmer
A pioneer house
Brew House profile
Brewhouse, Schlitz Brewery
Usinger Brats 3 lbs fully cooked brats
Usinger Sausage, sooo good

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             Germans in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dairy Song


Department of  GermanUniversity  Wi.

Geothe House, Milwaukee


Foreign born in Milwaukee, 1890

Wisconsin, Demographics


Milwaukee, German Family Heritage Resource


GermanFarms in Old World Wisconsin


German Dairy Farmer in Wisconsin


German Tour South,came from all areas


Pommeranians to Wisconsin


Why study German?


German Clubs in USA


New Glarus. Wisconsin

More about little Switzerland, Wis.


Milwaukee, German Building sold


Germans and Beer in Wis.

Milwaukee Turners


Some of the German Contributions to Wis. life


How German is American?


Karl Schurz, fought for Lincoln


Harnischfeger Corp.


Pfister, Charles, Politician, Publisher


Anna Ottendorfer, Publisher, Philanthropist


Mathilde, Francika Anneke


Margarete Meyer, Kindergarten


The Milwaukee Painters, Wehner


German Fest In July