John Peter Zenger,

Defender of the    Freedom of the             Press,1697 - 1746              

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    German American History, Nationwide

German Heritage in the Big Apple

Castle Garden, Port of Entry

Savannah honors its German Heritage

Frankenmuth, German town in Michigan,1845

Ephrata Cloister,Pensylvania, German Settlers 1732

Leavenworth, Bavarian Town in the state of Washingon

New Glarus,Swiss town in Wisconsin,1845

New Ulm, Minnesota, 1854

Germans in Omaha, Nebraska,1854

Who where the Pensylvania Dutch?

Pennsylvania Hex signs

Jeans and Fashion, Levi Strauss

Jamestown, Germans have been there 400 year

Immigration from around the world, incl.Germans

Germans in America, very good

We Are 43 Million Strong, German Ancestry

Germans in American, Chronology

Citizenship Index, St. Louis, 1841-1847

Germans in New Orleans

German Americans in Indianapolis, 1840-1918

Germans settled in the state of Maine, 1742

Milwaukee History, Germania Building sold

Milwaukee, Turner Hall

Harnischfeger, Henry, Manufacturer

More about Harnischfeger, Henry

Brosius, George, Gymnast, Turner

Pfister, Charles Friederick, Newspaper publisher

Migration from Holstein to Iowa & Nebraska

Krysler, Walter, Automobiles, German &


Thomas Nast,Artist, (Santa Claus, Civil War)

Vonnegut, Kurt, Writer, Slaughterhouse 5,

I am a Germ, Americ. Kurt Vonnegut

Schmitz, Bruno, Architect

Emeli Berliner, Inventor of phonograph

Fokker, Antony, Airplanes

Boas, Franz, Anthropologist

Boehler, Peter, Marovian Bishop

Rudolph, Arthur, rocket scientist

Damrosch, Walter Johannes, Conductor

Foss, Lucas, Conductor

Donner Brothers, leader of ill fated wagon train

A German American Cronology,

Heinz, John Henry, Food Processor, Ketchup

German American Museums and Historical Sites

Hermann, Missouri, wine country

Hermann Sons Lodge,or Sons of Hermann

Hermann Sons, Monument, New Ulm, Mi

Herman Sons in California

Austrian Protestants in Georgia, 1730s

Georgia Salzburger Society,founded 1925

Adam Treutlin, first Governor of Georgia,

German Settlement in Missouri, 1836

The German American Studies, An Evolution of a Discipline

The German American Trycentennial

Melchior Muehlenberg, Father of Lutherism in America

Declaration of Independence, first published in German

Germans protested against Slavery, 1688

Peter Zenger, defended the Freedom of the Press, 1734

American Census, 1990

American Debt to German Education, Benj. Weeler, President of UC, 1916

Proclamation, German Day, President Ronald Reagan, 1987

Labor Day, Why the first Monday of Sept, and not on the May first?

May Day, born in the USA. sadly forgotten here

Living conditiions in Germany, 1830s - 1880s

Weyerhaeuser, Friederick, Timer king

Charles Steinmetz, Inventor

Steinway, Piano builder

More than a 1000 people drowned in NY harbour,1904

The Hessians and the Revolutionary War

Christopher Ludwig, Baker, Revolutionary War

Washington's Bodyguards were German

Peter Minuit,born in Wesel, bought Manhattan for $24.

Roebling, John August, Builder of the Blooklyn Bridge

Jacob Leisler, 1640 Frankfurt,1691 New York,

Wagner, Robert Ferdinand, and Son, Senator & Major

Francis Lieber, creator of the Encyclopedea American

Karl Schurz, a 48ter, campaigned for Lincoln

Karl Schurz, Gravesite, in Tarrytown, NY

Abraham Jacobi, founder of Amrican Pediatrics

Konrad Nies, German American Poet,

Theodore Geisler, Dr. Seuss

Friedrich Hecker, Humen Rights Activist, 48

Nimitz, Chester, Admiral,

The Covered Wagon, made by Pennsylvania Germans

The Kentucky Rifle, German origion

The New York Staatszeitung, Newspaper since 1834

Ottendorf Oswald, Newspaper man

Anna Ottendorfer, Newspaper woman

The Star-Spaengled Banner in German, 1890

The Saur Bible, first bible printed in the US, 1743, German

Beck's Beer, German American Connection

Bettina von Arnim and the American Connection

Mathilde Anneke, a prominent German American Women

Molly Pitcher, Revolutionary War

First Germans at Jamestown, 1608

Adler, Felix, educator

Joseph Pulitcer, Journalist, 1847 - 1911

Adler, Robert, TV Remote Control

Steuben, Friederick William, Am. Revolution

Steuben Parade, New York City, 2005, German

Steuben writes Drill Manual

Astor, John Jacob, at one time richest man in USA

Altgeld, John Peter, Governor

Cluss, Adolf, Architect in Washington DC.(a 48ter)

Schneider, John, Brewmaster,Autobiography

Prang, Louis, Father of the Christmas card

Germans in Hawaii, second half of the 19th century

Otto von Kotzebue, Sea Captain

Hackfeld, a German Company during World War I

Hawaiian Botanist, Dr. W. Hillebrand

Flower of Hawaii, Opertta, Paul Abraham

Berghof Restaurant in Chicago will close after 107 years

Schickel, William, Architect

Br. Adrian Wewer, Builder of Churches,

Kahn, Albert, Architect, Industrial

Jahn, Helmut, Architect, Airport Chicago,+

The Golde Plough Tavern, Oldest house in New York City

German Colonial,Cookes House

Christian Metz, Amana Leader

Bausch & Lomb, since 1853

The Heurich Mansion, Washingon DC, for sale

Who invented the Telephone?

Maytag, Frederick Louis

American Press, regarding German Music, 1883

Dr. Seuss, Writer of Children Books

The Oscar, Hollywood's Trophy

America's first Kindergarten, 1856

Letter by Mr. Schurz, founder of Kindergarten

Baade, Walter, Astronemer

Heckmann,Otto Hermann, Astronomer

Leuschner, Armin, Astronomer

Schwarzchild, Martin, Astrophysicist

Auwers, Arthur, Astronomer

Wolf,Maximillian, Astronemer

Berliner, Emili, Inventor

Binnig, Karl Gerd, Inventor

Berlitz,Maximillian, Berllitz School

Bethe, Hans Albrecht,Physicist

Bloch, Ernest, Musician

Boas, Franz, Anthropologist

Boehler, Peter, Moravian Bishop

Boetticher, Otto, Lithographer

Wernher von Braun, Rocket Scientist

Carnap, Rudolf, Philosopher

Hammerstein, Oscar, Composer

Damrosch, Walter Johannes, Composer, Conductor

Dietrich, Marlene, Actress

Donner, Georg, Wagontrain

Frasch, Herman, Chemist for Standard Oil

Meier, Guggeheim, from Switzerland

Keller, Cornelius, fromSwitzerland,

Sutro, Adolph, Mining

Sutro, Cliffhouse, San Francisco

Babe Ruth, Baseball Player

Lou Gehrig, Baseball Player

German by one vote ??

Francis Lieber,

Sequoia, the Forest & Endlicher