Silent Night, Holy Night


     Chapel in Northern Germany

winterlandschaft,winter landscape/krienseregg by scubaluna.
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All Kinds of Christmas Stories- German and English


English Christmas Poems, Songs and Stories

Karl Follen and the Christmas Tree

Braunschweig Lady, 1770s, Christmas tree

Cathedral of Cologne, build to enshrine the remains of the Three Wisemen

St. Nick as I remember it, 1947
Christmas as I remember it, 1947

Christmas Legends and a German connection

Cat in the Christmas Tree? Oh - No!

The History of Christmas, an ancient story

,Learn about the creation of the American Sant Claus, Thomas Nast

Christkindelmarket, Prologue

Stollen, Spekulatius, Lebkuchen etc. and Stories about them.
 Advent Calendar, published first by Gerhard Lange in 1908

The A B C of Christmas, Blumenbaum

 Christmas Ornaments, started in Thuringian, Germany in 1840
 Spices for Christmas baking, their origion and recipes
 The Teddy Bear and the German American Connection,
 Barbie who started out as Lilli, emigrated to America in 1959

400 Years of German doll - making

Prang, Louis, first Christmas cards

 A tragic German - American Holiday Story
 with a good ending, 1755
The Legend of St. Barbara, Feast day Dec. 4th,


 Weihnachtsgedichte in German

 Weihnachtslieder, in German


Poinsettia, History and Ledgend

January 6, the chalking of the Entrance

Zur Jahreswende, New Years